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Who we are

Tanja Koppe
with horses

My name is Tanja Koppe, I was born in Sauerland/ Germany in 1971. For many years I spent my holidays in Egypt. I've been to Luxor many times, for me this is the city of horses, horses, carriages everywhere you look. I saw that many horses were in very poor condition and at first I was angry at the owners for not taking good care of them. But on closer inspection, I understood the background.

  • do my best to help the horses
  • A plot of land of 2100 square meters has been allocated for the care of horses
  • every horse I have gets good concentrated feed
Most of

the people here are very poor

Most of the people here are very poor, the average wage here is 2000.00 Egyptian pounds, the equivalent of currently 60 €, per month. But the coachmen usually have much less. Tourism in Luxor is not as strong as in Hurghada, the few who come here come because of the sights, ie the temples.

Not enough tourists come for the many carriages. Most coachmen offer carriage rides for £20, which is just €0.60. They have to do this so that they have customers, they have to undercut each other to be able to survive on this market, whoever is too expensive does not get a guest. It is not realized that the low price is at the expense of the horses that pull the carriage all day long until late at night.

After realizing all this, I sold my property and my company in Germany. I emigrated to Luxor and would like to do my best to help the horses. After initial difficulties I bought a plot of land with 2100m². I have built stables, every horse I have gets good concentrated feed and has its own fan so that the summer time with over 40 degrees is bearable for the animals. I've been able to help a few horses. Even if my help came too late, I could at least have the animal given the redeeming injection at the veterinary clinic so that it didn't have to suffer any longer.

I'm not alone anymore, I have a man by my side

Luckily I'm not alone anymore, I have a man by my side, he supports me, he's a genius at organizing, although he's never lived or worked with animals before, so he's able to get into the animal in question immediately to be able to put in. One night we had a situation where an animal was in very bad shape and we feared that it would not survive the night. Tarek (that's the name of the man at my side) drove through Luxor at 130 km/h, got the vet out of bed and brought him to the farm. Due to injections and IV fluids, the animal survived.

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Our Clients

we started preparing everything so that guests feel comfortable here

After we finished building the stables, we started preparing everything so that guests feel comfortable here. At the moment we are able to offer drinks, coffee and tea in a nice atmosphere. We offer horse-drawn carriage rides, and horseback riding trips will be added a little later. we have to work to earn money because our horses need their feed every day. At the moment we have 10 horses, 5 of which are mature horses, but we can only work with 3 horses at the moment. We have five foals of different ages, two of them were born with us this year.